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Fort Pierce commercial fisherman, Capt. Terry Howard, fishes solo most days. He makes an exception for his friend and part-time first mate, Fort Pierce native John Rohm. On a good day the pair may return with upwards of 700 pounds of king or Spanish mackerel. WHITNEY JOSEPH


It takes a special kind of discipline to wake up in time to watch the sun come up over that lucky spot on the water. Lucky for the fisherman, that is, not for the fish. But that’s exactly what countless men and women in Fort Pierce have been doing for generations.

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For decades, children descended on the Sunrise Theatre in downtown Fort Pierce for Saturday matinees. Indian River Magazine Publisher Gregory Enns got his first job in the early 1970s changing the theater’s old steel-lettered marquee. The theater celebrates its 100th anniversary on Aug. 1. KOBLEGARD FAMILY ARCHIVES

Publisher’s Note – Summer 2023

As a child growing up in Fort Pierce five blocks from the Sunrise, the theater became an extension of my living room. First there were the Saturday matinees and then Friday or Saturday night movies.

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