Allen Osteen

Our own entrepreneur of the year

First came the great news late last summer that Indian River Magazine had been named for best overall writing by the Florida Magazine Association. Then a few weeks ago we learned that our very own associate publisher, Allen Osteen, had been named entrepreneur of the year by Indian River State College Foundation.

Hattie Russ

Granny’s ends tenure on Avenue D

It is the end of an era for a beloved restaurant that was the heart — and soul — of Avenue D in Fort Pierce for 43 years.

Baytree lodge

Former retreat of the elite hosts employees

Behind a magnificent shroud of palms hugging a bluff beneath a high coquina ridge in Sewall’s Point is a century-old retreat.

John Brolmann

Fort Pierce resident recalls days in Nazi labor camps

Although he might be small in stature, Johannes (John) Brolmann stood tall during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II in Europe.

family room

There are colorful birds flocking near the headboard in the master bedroom, skeletal Mexican girls dancing atop the kitchen cabinets and a smug-looking pig reclining luxuriously in the lavatory.


Postcards helped recruit new Floridians

One hundred years ago there was something in the water in White City, the Danish settlement outside of Fort Pierce — or at least that’s what the postcards of the era would have you think because many of the images sent from the tiny community included couples kissing — pretty racy stuff for the time.

David Busch and Cindy O’Dare

Vero Beach tunes in to Dave and Cindy

Although David Busch and Cindy O’Dare are self-proclaimed dorks, the hosts of the Dave and Cindy Show might be the most stylish and chic humans to grace Vero Beach.

Surgeon Edward Rossario and Henry Szmyt

Knee surgery on the cutting edge

Surgery with less cutting, less stripping, less blood loss, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery — what patient or doctor wouldn’t want this?

foundation student

Behind-the-scenes magic that can turn a student’s education from ordinary to excellent, and give their teachers help and recognition for the outstanding work they do to provide a good education. How does that happen in the constantly cash-strapped public school districts of the Treasure Coast?

Michael Kenny

Libraries provide more than books

Michael Kenny, the executive director of the Library Foundation of Martin County, sees libraries as a vital link to a community. They are important places of outreach where people can gather information, read a book and meet for all kinds of programs.

Anita Meadows


If you can still see, in your mind’s eye, the notebook you used to write in and then memorize the multiplication tables in elementary school decades ago, you obviously weren’t schooled in a modern approach to number sense called Singapore Mathematics.

Luca Bradley


In 2007, Luca Bradley was proudly walking the halls of Fort Pierce Central High School as a popular multisport athlete heading into his senior year. Today, more than 10 years later, he proudly walks the halls of the new Fort Pierce Central High School, having been designated the school’s Teacher of the Year.

Lauren Chesrown


Walking the hallways of Jensen Beach Elementary between classes, Lauren Chesrown feels like a superstar as children from every grade call out her name upon seeing their STEM teacher.

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