Waldo in chair

Waldo, we hardly knew ye

As Vero Beach prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019, no one figure stands taller in the city’s history than Waldo Sexton. He is Vero Beach’s most iconic figure celebrated and written about more than any other.

Oceanfront paradise

Charlie and Peggy Russell can’t resist buying large homes and then completing extensive renovations, but their third home in Sailfish Point will be their last.

Originally from Kentucky, the couple has bought, remodeled and sold a dozen homes and condominiums in Palm Beach and Martin counties. Their oceanfront residence in Stuart was the biggest challenge yet, since it was just an unfinished shell when they purchased it three years ago.

Getting there in style

Residents of big cities are well-acquainted with public transit. Because of traffic congestion and long commutes, affordable alternatives to driving not only save time, money and car maintenance, but also lower the carbon footprint, thus helping the environment.

The tri-county area is doing its part to meet the needs of its citizens today and in the future. Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin counties provide bus service; St. Lucie also offers bike rentals by the hour. Even better, the three systems connect so that riders could potentially ride from Sebastian to Indiantown, and even into Palm Beach County.

The classic burger

Delicious dishes

When Bobby Del Campo and Sean Tuohy met in college, they never dreamed that 24 years later their paths would intersect from across the state in Vero Beach and they would run a restaurant together.

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