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One of the most difficult things for a pet parent is to see their beloved animal in pain. Medication doesn’t always seem to be the best or only answer.

Treasure Coast Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness Center in Vero Beach offers options to improve the quality of life of pets in pain, with joint problems, who are elderly, who are obese, who may be injured or who may need a brace.

Treasure Coast Animal Rehabilitation And Fitness CenterVeterinarian Amber Callaway Lewis, who is also a certified rehabilitation therapist, and Adam Lewis started their specialty practice a year ago. It has blossomed. They now have a vet tech and two assistants. They offer in-water walking on a treadmill for gentle exercise that doesn’t put a lot of weight on the joints, cold laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic frequency, manual therapy for massage, active and passive range of motion, exercise programs, nutritional advice and more. They also offer hospice help. Programs are personalized to fit the needs of each pet.

If a brace is needed, they will evaluate the pet’s condition and recommend the best supportive device. They can help manage injuries including cruciate/knee, wrist, ankle, hip, and back. They can also help with the tricky fitting of a dog to the right size and shape wheelchair. A wheelchair can return a dog to a somewhat normal life.

The practice now has an online pharmacy for prescription and non-prescription needs.

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"Dr. Amber and her staff are very compassionate and loving and gentle with your pets. We just love her and her staff."

"My 12 year old lab was having arthritis issues in his legs and spine and through therapy and the attention he receives from Dr. Amber and the staff, he’s now living a much more comfortable and happier life."

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