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Destination weddings

Destination weddings make it possible for couples to create a distinctive event to fit their personalities.


Wedding planning season is in full swing and trend forecasts show more brides selecting destination weddings than ever before. Not only are destination weddings an affordable alternative to massive traditional weddings of past generations, they also make it easy for couples to create a customizable wedding that perfectly suits their personalities.

If you think a destination wedding might be right for you, these ideas for creating an incredibly distinctive event are sure to inspire:

Unique ceremony locations

A beach is typically the top choice for destination weddings because it gives guests a vacation setting to enjoy before, during and after your big day. Keep in mind, just because you select a beach locale doesn’t mean you must have a seaside ceremony.

Standout accommodations

Consider intimate spaces that bring guests together in an incredible setting instead. For example, the Bridge at North Beach Plantation in Myrtle Beach is a luxury penthouse suspended within the bridge that connects the two towers at the four-diamond resort. With seven bedrooms, seven and a half baths, a media room and sweeping views of the ocean, everyone is sure to enjoy their time together to the fullest.

Localized gift bags

Although the ceremony may be intimate, guests will likely be traveling from all over the country. Start the experience right by creating localized gift bags that can be placed in rooms to greet your guests upon their arrival. Instead of typical gift-bag goodies like mints and water, delight guests with locally sourced items like chocolates or lotion from the resident boutique.

Live artists

Want to make your reception one of a kind? Hire a local artist to capture the moment in a memorable keepsake. For example, some artists specialize in painting live events; you could hire one to capture the magic of the gathering. Guests will love watching the painting evolve throughout the night, and you’ll get a special piece of art you can display at home.

Hand-painted cakes

One of the hottest new wedding trends is hand-painted cakes where a master baker uses artistry to create beautiful patterns and floral designs on fondant and other types of frosting. Cake artist Heidi Vukov of Croissants, Myrtle Beach, works closely with brides planning destination weddings to ensure their hand-painted cake is perfect for their big day. It’s a refreshing approach to classic wedding cake styles, and it is sure to impress guests.

Reception surprises

Unexpected surprises tied to the couple’s personality can make a magical day that much more memorable. For example, if you met your beloved at a concert or your spouse has a special love for Adele, Bruce Springsteen or Elvis, hire a celebrity look-alike from a local theater to make a surprise appearance.

Memorable thank-you gift

Forget the box of candy almonds! Your guests came from across the country, so thank them with a special gift. Look no further than the local culture for inspiration. For example, the Gullah people local to the Myrtle Beach area weave gorgeous sweet grass baskets in traditional designs, a perfect gift for wedding guests. Another fun option would be to gift locally made hammocks, such as those from Pawley’s Island Hammocks.

Remember, it’s your wedding and you should make it your own. A destination event is sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests for years to come.

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