Cristobal Sartori, a professor at Indian River State College
Cristobal Sartori, a professor at Indian River State College, enjoys inspiring students to learn languages, supplementing his teaching with lessons in culture and history. ANTHONY INSWASTY

Cristobal Sartori, an associate professor and department chairman of modern languages at Indian River State College, has an inspiring message for those desiring a higher education. Part of his approach in the classroom is to help students tackle and overcome their fear of learning so a whole new world can be opened up to them.

“I’m a personal believer that everybody can be successful at college,” he says. “Why can’t college be for you? I haven’t personally met anybody who can’t. But they have to learn what they need to do in this particular situation.”

Sartori has spent his entire career instructing as a college professor and for the last decade has taught Spanish and English courses at IRSC. Currently, his classes are limited to Spanish. 

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