The Dance Instructor


Alicia Chodera, owner and instructor at The Dance Academy of Stuart
Alicia Chodera, owner and instructor at The Dance Academy of Stuart, has created an inviting atmosphere for dancers of all ages. In addition to her Stuart location, Chodera has a studio in Palm City. ANTHONY INSWASTY PHOTOS

Since 1997, Alicia Chodera has maintained what can best be described as a haven for young, aspiring dancers. She opened the doors to the Dance Academy of Stuart nearly three decades ago and hasn’t looked back.

“I moved here [Stuart], the year after Hurricane Andrew hit,” Chodera says. “After my daughters were a bit older, I wanted to work again and noticed a need for a dance studio in the area. The main studio building had been leased on and off, and I took up the opportunity to create something of my own.”

Chodera grew up in Chicago and began dancing at a local studio at the age of 8. Her mother thought that, since she was a bit shy but was always jumping around and dancing in the house, a dance class might be a good fit for her. “I was 8 years old, and I started at a small studio,” Chodera says. “Then as I gained more interest and improved, I moved to a larger studio in downtown Chicago around the age of 13. I got with some really good instructors that helped me secure my position with a company after high school.”

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