Dear Patrons of Riverside,

I want you all to know we miss you. We miss the energy our audiences bring to our stages when the lights come up. Theatre brings people together, and the experience cannot be replicated without it actually being “live”. So, in these times of “social distancing”, we have no choice but to wait until everyone is safe and comfortable being close together again.

When that times comes, know that we will be ready. We will be here waiting for all of you to share the joy that this magical place provides.

One of our leading playwrights, Terrence McNally, sadly succumbed recently to Covid 19. I read a quote of his that I think sums up how I feel about the value of theatre, and why all of the Riverside family is dedicated to what they do.

McNally wrote:

"Theatre has the ability to change hearts and to take us to that secret place where we all live.”

Be well,

Allen D. Cornell
Producing Artistic Director/CEO

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