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Medical assisting

Medical assisting is among the many courses available at the Treasure Coast Technical College where students can get a quick start into the workforce. CHRISTINA TASCON PHOTO

There’s an alternative to struggling through four or more years at a university with expenses that could affect you for a lifetime. Technical or trade schools give many young people a jump on their careers with affordable rates and less time in training.

These institutions aren’t for everyone, and many students benefit greatly by attending a standard college or university, especially if they have chosen professional positions for their career paths. Other students, however, can focus on job-specific training courses at technical centers that help them enter directly into the workforce.

The trend to offering training for technical skills has been taking place and growing for decades. Indeed, Indian River State College has been offering vocational education courses going back to its days as a community college. Technical, trade or vocational courses also provide a huge advantage for the community because the area is often in desperate need of skilled workers as new businesses are attracted to specific regions. That is the case with the prospering Treasure Coast.

Affordable and appropriate courses at the Treasure Coast Technical College in Vero Beach have already sent hundreds of students on their way to long-term careers since 2018 [Page 76]. Many of these graduates have found themselves in lucrative positions with just a year or less of training at educational costs that are quickly paid off or even paid up front.

Courses range from nursing and medical assistant training to building and construction design. People can even get help with continued adult education or receiving a commercial driving license. TCTC works closely with the School District of Indian River County, but its purpose includes providing educational needs for people in surrounding counties as well. These students will be filling the high-paying, skilled jobs that await them here in the near future.

The traditional path for education continues to play a major role in developing young minds for academic and professional training. You can read about the incredible educators who prepare them beginning on Page 84. The wide variety of educational opportunities available to students on the Treasure Coast will only improve this thriving area.

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