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US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach
Our story on the US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach begins on Page 34. MATIAS CAPIZZANO

There was a time on the Treasure Coast when a significant portion of the population headed north for the summer and some businesses rolled up for a few months until fall. Not anymore.

Now commerce on the Treasure Coast is in almost full throttle 12 months a year. Some former snowbirds have adopted Florida as their full-time home, learning that, as long as there's a breeze, Florida in the summer isn't so bad.

When our own modest enterprise started 16 years ago, we had just four issues a year, giving us a publishing break between June and September. But that first year we added a fifth issue to Indian River Magazine and over the years we added more publications. Today, we publish eight different titles and go to press 24 times a year.

The only month we don't publish is August. And while we don't have the big break we once did during the summer, we take advantage of the somewhat slower pace to prepare for the season ahead.

Some of the changes are big - adding a magazine, for example - while others are mere refinements of what we've been doing. Some of the things we change or add are based on what readers tell us and we hope you'll take some time during the next few months to send us an email, letter or give us a call to let us know what you think we're doing right and how we can improve things.

Any success we have is because of our readers and advertisers who support what we are doing. We are fortunate to have a talented and creative editorial staff and a loyal sales staff.

The summer issue of Indian River Magazine we produce is one of our funnest to put out because much of it focuses on what is happening on and below the ocean.

Beginning on Page 14, Donna Crary helps solve the mystery of why two right whales were seen off our coast earlier this year. Mary Ann Koenig takes us inside an opulent oceanside home in Orchid Island on Page 70. Anthony Westbury checks into the world of charter fishing on Page 21. And on Page 34, Alison O'Leary shares the wonderful work the US Sailing Center is doing in Jensen Beach.

Farther inland, we hope you will enjoy the second installment of our Cow Creek Chronicles series, which follows the lives of the pioneering Frank Raulerson cattle-ranching family. We appreciate all the feedback you've been providing.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to reconnecting with you in Indian River Magazine this fall.




Gregory Enns
Reach Gregory Enns or 772.940.9005.

May 2022

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