Port St. Lucie Ranks Among Top 30 Happiest U.S. Cities

Photo credit Kim Seng

Treasure Coast communities keep proving how happy they are. Port St. Lucie recently ranked 24th in the annual Well-Being Index by Gallup-Healthways.

The report looks at 190 of the biggest communities in the U.S. to determine those whose citizens have the highest rates of well-being.

How exactly do they measure well-being? The poll analyzed these five traits of those polled: purpose (how likely are they to learn new and interesting things?); social (do they feel loved and supported?); financial (how well-managed are their economic lives?); community (how much do they like and take pride in where they live?); and physical (are they active?).

Aside from knowing that they are among the happiest people in the nation, Port St. Lucie residents can look forward to the health perks that come from living in a happy community. According to the study, “previous Gallup and Healthways research shows that high well-being closely relates to key health outcomes such as lower rates of healthcare utilization, lower workplace absenteeism and better workplace performance, change in obesity status and new onset disease burden.”

Way to go, Port St. Lucie!

Here’s the full top 30 list

1. Naples, Florida.
2. Salinas, California
3. Sarasota, Florida.
4. Fort Collins, Colorado.
5. Barnstable Town, Massachusetts
6. Santa Cruz, California.
7. Boulder, Colorado.
8. Charlottesville, Virginia.
9. Anchorage, Alaska.
10. San Luis Obispo, California.
11. McAllen, Texas.
12. Santa Barbara, California.
13. Honolulu, Hawaii.
14. Provo, Utah.
15. San Jose, California.
16. Ventura, California.
17. Austin, Texas.
18. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
19. Cape Coral, Florida.
20. San Antonio, Texas.
21. San Diego, California.
22. Asheville, North Carolina.
23. Colorado Springs, Colorado.
24. Port St. Lucie, Florida.
25. Visalia, California.
26. Peoria, Illinois.
27. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
28. Green Bay, Wisconsin.
29. Bridgeport, Connecticut.
30. San Francisco, California.

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