Of ships, yachts and boats



Yachts are among the many vessels gracing our waterways, but there’s also enough room for all boaters to enjoy.

Boating, fishing and other water-related activities are among the enjoyable pursuits that attract residents and visitors to the area. In this annual boating issue, readers will discover just how important this specialty has been for our shores in the past and the present. Shipping is an essential ingredient for the Treasure Coast, which, after all, got its name from the gold coins and artifacts left scattered near our beaches and in our ocean following the tragedy of the Spanish fleet that was destroyed during the 1715 hurricane. Pirates were among the early salvagers who tried to take advantage of these lost treasures. Allen Balogh paints a fascinating and sometimes terrifying picture of the past on Page 22. But this was only the beginning.

Let’s jump ahead to present day for the shipping opportunities that lay ahead for the Port of Fort Pierce, a site that could soon become a mega yacht mecca, thanks to a partnership providing repair and refurbishing for these vessels. Christina Tascon gives the latest on Page 30 that will bring big bucks and magnificent sights to the community. And there’s also love in a coastal setting in Martin County that dates back to 1876 and now has become a wedding delight at Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge. Donna Crary reports on these romantic stories [Page 8].

Of course, boating always entices the important people of interest here. They include Nicole Mader, who has turned her love of the water into the study of dolphins; April Price, who devotes her time to preserving our waterways; and Lin Reading, who uses the sport of rowing to help cancer survivors. Read about them starting on Page 84.

It’s nearly always a perfect day for cruising the Indian River Lagoon or the sea, and Barbara Reid let’s us know about sailing, wining and dining aboard a luxury catamaran in Vero Beach [Page 42]. It’s a change of pace for diners, who still have a tremendous amount of other choices when it comes to local eateries and fine dining.

A boater’s paradise indeed. Whether spending time with family and friends during the day or taking in a vibrant nightlife along the water, there are miles of waterways stretching from the river and inlets to the deep blue sea for the pleasure of boating. It’s one of the many reasons people who live here stay and vacationers keep coming back.

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