Loving the blues

Blueberry Peach Galette
Make the most of Florida's short but sweet blueberry season with this rustic tart.

New varieties developed by UF allow the berries to thrive across the state


Of all the fruit this state is famous for, blueberries are often overlooked. Florida's blueberry season is short and sweet. They are the first to ripen in the country and the first to hit markets in early spring.

Each year Florida growers increase their share of the blueberry market, thanks to new varieties developed by the University of Florida that work well for our climate. Blueberries require chill hours or an amount of time a fruit tree is exposed to cooler temperatures. Since Florida has a very mild winter season, these new low-chill blueberry varieties allow blueberries to grow all over the state, on farms and in backyards.

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