Looking back at Back Country by Bud Adams

Back Country Fall 2015

For 10 years Bud Adams has been providing Florida back country photography for the back page of Indian River Magazine. His images capture natural scenes and wildlife on his St. Lucie County ranch.

In March 2016, Adams was recognized by the Pegasus Foundation and Treasured Lands Foundation for his lifelong legacy of loving and protecting Florida's natural habitats. His photos are certainly proof of a deep connection with nature.

Here, we’ve pulled together 10 of our favorites from the past few years. Sit back, relax and take the visual journey.

Back Country Jan 2014

Back Country March 2013

Back Country March 2012

Back Country May 2011

Back Country May 2012

Back Country May 2014

Back Country Nov 2013

Back Country Oct 2012

Back Country Summer 2015

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