Wedding Day

Juan & Erika Pepper

HOW THEY MET: These lovebirds met as so many do today, through a dating app, Bumble. Juan was living in his hometown of West Palm Beach and had just deleted the app, but was for some reason compelled to reload it while Erika simultaneously extended her radius to the West Palm Beach area. When their dogs popped up on their profiles, it was pure puppy love, said Erika, a native of Port St. Lucie. “Both of us have two dogs — they’re a big part of how we met,” she said, adding their pups are “built-in best friends. It was basically love at first sight of Jax,” Juan’s boxer. “That’s what drew me in, I’m a major, major animal person.” Their first date was miniature golf; their second date had their dogs meeting at the beach — a total success. Erika said the dogs were “immediately besties,” which sealed the deal. Nearly five years later, the couple made it official.

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