Happy holidays, y'all

sanddollar cookies
Beach-themed cookies make a perfect gift for the holidays. DANIELLE ROSE PHOTOS

Floridians put a special spin on their holiday celebrations

Florida seasons are often out of sync with the rest of the country, but that’s even more apparent during the holidays. We’ve got all the celebratory spirit minus the cold weather it coincides with everywhere else. We adapt by putting a Florida spin on everything. Our decorations are a blend of traditional and tropical, with a hefty dose of kitsch mixed in. A giant inflatable snowman and Santa’s sleigh might look out of place on a lush green lawn among palm trees, but add sunglasses and a surfboard and they fit right in.

We put up festive lights all over town, but we don’t stop there. We also light up our boats and parade them around on balmy December nights. We won’t wake up to a white Christmas on the Treasure Coast, but our sunny holiday season is equally magical.

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