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GraceWay Village
At GraceWay Village, both staff and volunteers pitch in wherever they are needed to provide food, clothing and encouragement to local families in crisis. RUSTY DURHAM PHOTOS

GraceWay Village celebrates 15 years of helping


Volunteers of all ages are welcome at GraceWay
Volunteers of all ages are welcome at GraceWay, but adults undergo a thorough training to more effectively meet the needs of clients.

Most folks head online or to the store when they want new clothes. They drive to the grocery store to restock the kitchen, park their cars in garages before heading inside to enjoy an evening’s rest. Yet, close to 12 percent of the population of St. Lucie County lives below the poverty level — a number that more than doubles in the 34950 zip code of Fort Pierce. Many others live paycheck to paycheck. 

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