Eighteen years and counting

This is the cover of the first issue of Indian River Magazine published in the fall of 2006.
This is the cover of the first issue of Indian River Magazine published in the fall of 2006.

Welcome to October and the start of our 18th publishing year. This is always one of our favorite issues because it marks the beginning of another season covering the Treasure Coast. The first Indian River Magazine came out in October 2006, so the fall issue always reminds us of how far we’ve come over the years. Thanks to faithful readers like you and our advertisers we continue to grow and expand.

Our fall publication also contains the annual Treasure Coast Medical Report. Find out about a growing trend called concierge health care, in which physicians, for a retainer, provide direct personalized primary care to individual patients. In essence, concierge care puts the physician on call for the patient. This feature by Kerry Firth begins on Page 16.

In Who Cares beginning on Page 20, we profile We Care, a network of 45 volunteer physicians treating patients who are uninsured or underinsured. “These are basically the working poor who provided services that make our lives better each day,’’ executive director Jennifer Jones told our writer Kerry Firth. “They clean houses, mow lawns and serve you at restaurants.”

Also, in The Cardiologist on Page 26, meet Dr. Joseph Gage, a physician humbled by the ability to improve people’s lives. “There’s really no other job out there where you have the opportunity to help so many people in such important ways,’’ he tells our Donna Crary.

Check out some of our other features:

In Game Changer beginning on Page 58, Maria Sonnenberg tells us about a remarkable invention: a board game called Lagoonology that helps students learn more about the Indian River Lagoon. The game focuses around a giant map of the lagoon that can be laid across several tables, Students draw cards to advance themselves on a pegboard around the lagoon. It’s a great way for students to learn about our fragile Indian River.

We also hope you enjoy our relatively new Wedding Day feature. This installment focuses on newlyweds Katie and Gary Zanello. Good luck to the bride and groom.

We are lucky to have an eight-month-long spiny lobster season, and Danielle Rose shares a great lobster salad recipe with us in Love that Lobster beginning on Page 42. Danielle, a descendant of the seafood Summerlin family, says the spiny lobsters are easy to catch if you can coax them out of their holes. It’s like a treasure hunt, she says, you have to check every nook and cranny you can on the ocean floor to be successful.

In Power Trio beginning on Page 30, Mary Ann Koenig takes us inside a home in PGA in Port St. Lucie where homeowner Jeri Wilson, general contractor Yvonne Pereira-Dudley and interior designer Karen Kane teamed up to produce a modern redo of a traditional home.

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Sept. 26, 2023

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