Chic and Shore Things

Chic and Shore Things
205 N. Second St. | Fort Pierce | 772.342.7505

Chic and Shore Things is unique. Filled with creative coastal-inspired home décor, it reflects owner Becky Demanuel’s passion for the beauty of the beach and its always unique shells, sea beans, pebbles, starfish and so much more.

After retiring from a career in human resources she found something missing in her life.

“I loved the beach and the things I found, but I also missed the interaction with other people,” she says. “Eventually, I decided to open a store because I wanted that interaction again.”

Becky DemanuelDemanuel made or added to many of the things she sold, and she still does. She might pick up shells and decorate a mirror frame, or pick up a piece of driftwood and place something on it. Her customers can be sure that they are buying something they won’t find elsewhere.

Expect to spend time sightseeing as you work your way through her displays. She sets up vignettes — a table set with interesting plates and servers, a bed with very unusual linens, extra-special throw pillows, a chest of drawers with lots of unique things on top, a wall display, and sometimes art from local artists.

The displays give customers ideas about how something can be used. “Lots of times they’ll like something but have no idea what to do with it,” Demanuel says. “Then they’ll see how it can be used and say, ‘I never thought of that.’ ”

Hearing her customers often wish they knew what to do with a piece of their own furniture, she plans on giving classes in the early spring, if possible.


"Always great holiday extravaganza."

"Becky understands her customer and makes a statement in all her displays. Quality items, too!"

"Themed out. Wonderful coastal themed finds."

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