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People who work for Post Insurance say they love it. And the owners love their employees. It makes for a serendipitous situation, a happy coincidence where employees discover they’ve signed on to a workplace that values them not only as employees, but also as people.

“We’re about to start our 48th year,” says co-owner Kathy Post. “An important part of our success is our employees who make us who we are.”

Gratitude Notes
Gratitude notes sent from employees to each other.

Kathy and sister, Becky Post, strive to make Post Insurance an excellent insurance agency and one where employees want to come to work every day. Appreciative employees provided a wealth of solid reasons for loving their agency that led to Post Insurance’s win.

For their part, the Post sisters have put a lot of thought into what makes their group of employees a family. Becky explains that one of the ways they do this is to honor the family lives of their employees. At holiday time each year, the employees are divided in half and one half gets Christmas week off while the other half gets New Year’s week off. “We operate with a skeleton crew those two weeks,” Becky says. The following year the two groups trade places so that they alternate the weeks off from year to year.

“This gives them a chance to spend time with their families, shop and wrap gifts, and do all the things they could do if they weren’t working,” Becky says.

Because people so often talk about what’s wrong, the Posts started a “what’s right” program. Employees are encouraged to notice something nice that a co-worker does and drop them a “gratitude note.” At staff meetings they start with a words-of-wisdom quotation and end with basket-of-gratitude notes being passed around.

“We think people should be rewarded when they do kind things,” Becky says. “It fosters good morale, and it comes from the ground up.”


"I love … the stability, reputation, and integrity of Post Insurance. It’s a fun work environment. We are dedicated to our community. We celebrate all of our birthdays, that makes us feel important to the company."

"I started working here a year ago and I love it here. They offer the following: recognition among co-workers each week, paid volunteer time, fun contests, creative employee celebrations, seasonal pot lucks, sick time, vacation time and paid holidays."

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