Amercan Icon Brewery
Customers enjoying Amercan Icon Brewery.

1133 19th Pl., Vero Beach

American Icon Brewery offers the best in handcrafted beer developed by a passionate brewmaster with an international diploma in brewing technology. From classics like Pilsner to new favorites like Milk Stout, guests can always expect an outstanding experience when they drop in to the Vero Beach brewery.

Craft enthusiasts can try a variety of beers with names so intriguing they beg to be quaffed — or sipped, depending on your preference. The brewery’s web page allows you to click taps to discover what’s behind names like Brave World, 1926, Americon Blonde, The Factory, Diesel Plant, Icon and Freedom Torch.

The beers represent hundreds of hours of hands-on brewing, tasting, testing and perfecting.

Draft beer
Draft beers at American Icon Brewery.

Before walking inside it’s apparent that the brewery is a special place. An important piece of the city’s history was preserved when American Icon renovated the 1926 brick diesel power plant building, leaving as much of it intact as possible. One of the generators, cleaned up and painted, faces the bar. The company website provides details of the building’s long history.

The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. Its industrial appearance is matched by the interior decor — brick walls, exposed ceilings and pipes, giant vats called serving tanks.

“We are extremely grateful to be able to create a great selection of beers in a historic building for an amazing supportive community,” says owner Michael Rechter. “We owe all our success to our passionate brewery family.”


"Great beer selection and wonderful food choices."

"What they have done with the building alone is enough to grant them this award — not to mention the great beer and food."

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