Thank you for your interest in advertising in the 2025 edition of Fort Pierce Magazine publishing in February. The magazine is distributed throughout Fort Pierce and St Lucie County. Our rates include the design of your ad, and we will begin working on it as soon we receive this completed order form. Please fill out all the information below and we will reserve your space immediately. If you have any questions, please call 772.940.9005 or place them in the questions and comments section below.

Fort Pierce Magazine 2025 Advertising Agreement
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  • Quarter page $495
  • Half page $695
  • Full page $1,295
  • Full page on pages 2-13 $1,395
  • Page 1 $1,900
  • Inside Front Cover $1,900
  • Inside Back Cover $1,495
  • Back Cover $2,400
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Questions and Comments:

Questions or concerns, call 772.466.3346.