Brian Pecci, right, is an optician by trade

Grand stage entrance

The late director John Hirsch once said that it was ridiculous to expect theaters to make money. “Do the public schools make money? Do libraries make money? Does the zoo make money? Do the sewers make money? (Theater is) a community service.”

living room

Beautiful simplicity

Nestled into a quiet section of the North Fork of the St. Lucie River is the only waterfront industrial chic compound in the City of Port St. Lucie.

After 30 years of living in Palm Beach County, Skip and Jeanette Hartzell were looking at waterfront homes when they noticed two empty lots across the river in Viking’s Lookout.

“We walked the property and said, ‘This is perfect. We have to buy this,’” says Skip.

Dr. Michael Jampol, one of three pediatricians practicing at Cleveland Clinic Health in Port St. Lucie

Kids' health

Although South Florida enjoys a reputation as a retirement destination, almost 30 percent of Port St. Lucie is younger than 21. Responsible parents place their children’s health and safety at the top of wish lists, so for those who want to find a local pediatrician or change pediatricians, the focus is on two of the fastest growing areas in St. Lucie County — St. Lucie West and Tradition.

Equilla Sparger’s unique sculptures

Book lovers rejoice

Entrepreneur Osman Rashid predicted, “By 2025, we can expect the world to be completely digital. Paper books will be a thing of the past.” Many book lovers would shout, “Nonsense!” Getting rid of libraries and bookstores would be, to them, as ridiculous and culturally catastrophic as settling for poster prints of masterpieces instead of viewing originals in museums.

Kristy Wheeler Conway


Her first childhood memories are of life in a foster home. She and her siblings moved from foster care back to their home only to be returned to foster care again, with the cycle repeating as her family moved back and forth between the Jacksonville area and towns in south Georgia. She remembers the plastic bag that held her clothes and the few belongings she had. “You never wanted to lose sight of that bag,” she says. “It was all you had.”

Samantha LaCroix exposes her students to music


When Samantha LaCroix’s mother was studying piano in London, she met her future husband in Austria on holiday. “He wrote love letters every day until she returned to Vienna,” says LaCroix. Their love story set the tone for LaCroix’s element of romance.

Steel drum player James “Jimmy G” Graham


Seeing country singer Johnny Cash walking around his small Jamaican village, James “Jimmy G” Graham never dreamed he would sing the reggae version of “Ring of Fire” for decades.


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