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Club members explore the wonderful world of rare fruits

A few years ago, I met Bobbie Spencer while I went through rehab for an injury. We became friends in the lounge of the rehab and I was intrigued by her knowledge of rare fruits that were native to Florida.

Kim Capen
Kim Capen, Publisher

I have lived in Florida most of my life and most of the names of the fruits had a hint of familiarity, but I wondered why wasn't anyone really educated about them. Then, after talking to Spencer more, I realized there was education out there and I thought someday we would write about it for you. So in this issue, get ready to learn about the real fruits of Florida but make sure you take caution if not prepared correctly some could be dangerous. [Page 17]

Since we are writing about the fruit of Florida we needed to round out the issue with some other botanical beauties. So I reached out to our local professionals in the wedding market, Vintage Design and Sarandipity Floral, to find the perfect wedding for this issue. These professional wedding experts turned me on to photographer Tina Aligata of Inner Light Imagery and we found the perfect wedding for our cover story and one that was affected by the pandemic.

The marriage of Gustavo and Victoria Morais pulled at my heartstrings, Garden Grown Remedies is about a wedding that could only have 25 attendees and the rest of the family had to be on FaceTime. The unique backdrops and beautiful natural florals were perfect for this issue. [Page 11]

Dr. Madhu Sasidhar's journey from his native India to Port St. Lucie and the Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital is detailed by writer Ellen Gillette on Page 28. And Susan Burgess explains what services are available at the new Veterans Center of Excellence at Indian River State College's Pruitt Campus. [Page 30]

The New York Mets spring training is upon us in this issue and on Page 25 you will see the complete schedule. I visit the stadium often to work out at my gym, Barwis Method, which is on the Mets property and it's a great rehab facility.

To refresh you all on our last cover story on the rebuilding of the Tesoro club, I want you all to know the opening event of the club was a great success and you should get there soon for a tour.

Enjoy our issue and I hope to see you at the botanical gardens to taste some great rare Florida fruits or at a Mets game soon.

With gratitude,

Kim Capen Signature

Kim Capen, Publisher

Feb. 22, 2022

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