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New beginnings

Kim Capen
Kim Capen, Publisher

This spring, I decided to work for one of the best magazine publishers on the Treasure Coast. Home is now the Indian River Media Group headed up by Gregory Enns and his team. This magazine group has the best magazines, and I’m excited to become part of it as the publisher of Port St. Lucie Magazine.

I am also excited to work in an area I’ve called home for 23 years. Some readers might know me from my work as an ad director and publisher with other area magazines. Nothing amazes me more than to watch how fast this area is growing and then get to write all about it.

Port St. Lucie is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. And its amazing groups and organizations are growing incredibly fast as well. I should know, I have been working and watching this area for the last 30 years. And heading up a magazine in this area takes a phenomenal amount of dedication.

We will be introducing a new masthead and an exciting editorial calendar with great local stories and eye-catching covers. We will be adding some new features in the fall, including a wedding page and revamped social and dining sections.

We kick off the summer issue with a feature on the Florida Sports Hall of Fame on Page 16. It is so exciting to know that it has found a new home in Port St Lucie. I drove over to visit its location and learned so much about its members and the athletes who have made a contribution to Florida sports. You need to drive to the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center in the heart of the city and visit it yourself.

As health issues grow and the needs of many turn to alternative medicines, I was surprised to learn about the numerous medical marijuana dispensaries in the area. On Page 34, writer Ellen Gillette gives us the inside story on some of those who have found relief using medical marijuana or its byproducts. She also explains why there has been a proliferation of dispensaries in the city.

So in ending my first publisher’s letter in my first issue, I want to say that I am dedicated to this community. I want the magazine to be a place where when you anxiously take it out of your mailbox, you see what we have uncovered in the area. We want to transform our pages into what you want to read as well as get you excited to visit an area or a person we write about. And as always, we appreciate your loyalty.

I would love to hear about stories you would like to see in our pages. My email is below, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, I will see you at the next luncheon or outdoor event soon.

With gratitude,





Kim Capen, Publisher


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