K9 kind

Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens
Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens set the perfect scene to introduce 8-month-old Liam Foley, his mother, Rachel, and his cousin, Zachary Slade, to Lotti, a Bernese Mountain dog who loves to visit the pup-friendly locale with his mom, Dottie Falvi. WHITNEY JOSEPH

PSL invites pups to sit & stay a while


These days it’s common for dog owners to bring their pups with them wherever they go: on errands, out to dinner, aboard flights. Oftentimes, teacup-sized puppies squeeze into stylish handbags to go shopping while larger breeds climb aboard fishing yachts to go angling. Whatever their habits, a large segment of dog lovers will do their mightiest to incorporate their four-legged friends into their lives, as holistically and as seamlessly as possible.

Many have observed something wonderful about the city of Port St. Lucie, its residents and the business community: All seem to go above and beyond to welcome dogs [and their owners] into their establishments in a way that other areas do not. It makes for a city that feels united and accepting, and it translates to the whole of how Port St. Lucie operates. 

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