Treasure Coast Hospice earns accreditation from National Institute of Jewish Hospice

STUART — Treasure Coast Hospice has received accreditation from the National Institute for Jewish Hospice, joining 50 national hospices that have earned this distinction.

NIJH provides staff training, insights on treating Jewish patients who are terminally ill, and access to resources and education about Jewish customs and practices that may arise while caring for Jewish hospice patients and families.

“We applaud Treasure Coast Hospice for earning this important accreditation,” said Shirley Lamm, President of NIJH. “Treasure Coast Hospice is now one of the 11 accredited Florida hospices that NIJH will refer patients, families and rabbis to when they seek the best care for the Jewish terminally ill.”

Treasure Coast Hospice’s Director of Grief Support and Pediatric Services Jacki Nardone and Social Worker Kelley Thompson attended the NIJH Accreditation Conference, where they gained an enhanced understanding of Jewish culture and religion and their impact on death and dying.Under Nardone and Thompson’s guidance, Treasure Coast Hospice utilized NIJH’s resources to conduct trainings for its interdisciplinary teams so they can provide specialized care and support to Jewish patients and families at the end of life.

“Treasure Coast Hospice is dedicated to providing quality care to members of our Jewish community,” said Jackie Kendrick, CHPCA, CEO.

“This designation represents our organization’s commitment to meeting standards that demonstrate a higher level of performance so that we can better serve patients and families as they transition through this journey in life.”

NIJH was established in 1985 to help alleviate suffering in serious and terminal illness. Its 52,000 members are comprised of business and professional leaders, and a consortium of endowing foundations. NIJH serves as a resource and educational center for hospices, hospitals, family service, medical organizations and all health-care agencies, educating them to the issues and challenges of serving the Jewish terminally ill.

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