Main Street Cafe is back!

4848 Main Street, USA, 555.555.555

Everyday Happy Hour 3pm – 7pm!
Weekend Brunch Available 10am-2pm!

Mon. - Thurs. 11am – 11pm
Friday 11am – 2am / Saturday 10am – 12am / Sunday 10am – 10pm



Pisco Sour

Main Street Cafe has reopened and is serving lunch and dinner with a full menu.

Servers save as many as 2,000 steps a day using hand-held computers to transmit orders and cut down on unneeded trips to and from the restaurant’s three kitchens. With more than 75 employees, the 300-seat restaurant is open every day except Christmas.

Fifty TVs make the Main Street Cafe the ultimate sports bar destination, airing sports from every major package available. Saturdays and Sundays during football season are very busy with different fan clubs watching games together.

Eighteen sound boxes can be used at tables to play the sound from any TV in the house. The size of a milk carton, the device clearly gives you play-by-play sound that would be inaudible from TVs in a crowded sports bar. A NASCAR fan can watch and listen to a race while everyone else is watching different football games.

A chalkboard above the salad preparation area
a chocolate martini, one of 20 craft cocktails
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