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multi-lane roads are helping to connect the various sections of the city
Port St. Lucie has been designated as the Sixth Fastest-growing city in the United States and new multi-lane roads are helping to connect the various sections of the city. CITY OF PORT ST. LUCIE

Remember the Petula Clark tune “Downtown” from 1964? “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go — downtown!”

Port St. Lucie, which is attracting lots of attention as a dynamic city with a growing economy, job market and research industry, doesn’t have a traditional downtown. What’s one to do? With new residents flocking to Port St. Lucie, it’s a big topic on the minds of city leaders.

How do we get together in a town with no center? In “Building a Culture of Community,” Port St. Lucie native Rachel Cuccurrulo writes about the city’s rapid growth and how the answer lies in multiple “activity centers” where residents can gather to enjoy cultural events and nature.

Part of Port St. Lucie’s growth is connected to its combination of job opportunities and natural beauty. We bring great news on both fronts with an article on Cleveland Clinic’s leasing of the Florida Center for Bio-Sciences, establishing the city as a destination for biotech, and an article about development of the boardwalk at Westmoreland Park, creating more opportunity for waterfront enjoyment.

Look around at the construction and Port St. Lucie’s growth is evident. But people around the nation are taking note, too, with the city appearing on a number of website rankings based on demographic data. Every issue Susan Burgess compiles those accolades such as “Sixth Fastest-growing City in the U.S.,” “Fifth Best Place to Retire in 2020” and “15th of Florida’s Top Safest Cities.” The list goes on.

“When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry seems to help, I know.” Floridians would probably beg to differ, Ms. Clark. See you on the boardwalk!

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